How did I get here?

Hello there and welcome to my site!

To introduce myself, I originally qualified as a pharmacist, a rebound career choice based on a desire to have a flexible career as I planned to have a family in my twenties, and being a locum fitted the bill exactly. In those days there was a shortage of pharmacists and I was in high demand. I always took such great care of my patients that they would follow me around town, to the various chemists that I worked at, to get my advice on their family health problems.

As the family grew older I desired to get back into a career and was on the verge of applying for Pharmacy Manager at Boots the Chemist. Then the kids were diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia and their teachers said I should spend more time with them…so I started working with my husband in his family export business to give me the flexibility.

I started at the bottom and worked up to the top over the next 10 years, working in every area of the business from order processing through logistics and shipping and ended up in finance, as a management accountant. I streamlined the business, turning it round from the verge of insolvency and reducing the staff from six to three, outsourcing the logistics, and watching every detail to maximise the profits. I was completely in flow! Alongside running the family business I also explored network marketing, amongst other cash generating self employed enterprises, learning how to maximise the tax benefits on the way.

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